Liverpool trialist wants to play like Torres

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Marco Bueno, the striker at the heart of Mexico's Under 17 World Cup triumph who's set to go on trial at Liverpool in August, has said that he wants to emulate Fernando Torres.

The player they call "El Nino Torres" in Mexico has said that he's modeled his game after the former Anfield hero, and hopes to bring that style of play back to Liverpool.

"I want to be like Fernando Torres, he is very skilful and I want to be like him," Bueno said.

"The chance to fulfill a dream and join Liverpool is very exciting, but at the moment I'm just concentrating on recovering.


"The important thing isn't to get there but to establish yourself, it's the start of a great career with a lot of effort and dedication I hope it can work out well."

Representatives of his current club have said that Liverpool have been in contact and negotiations have taken place over a potential transfer and five-year contract ahead of Bueno's trial, which is scheduled to begin August 1.

But despite the seemingly advanced stages of his move, Bueno says that he isn't worried about the outcome as he's confident that Pachuca will do what's best for him and the club, and if that situation involves a move to Anfield, then all the better.

"At the moment I don't know what's happening, I have only heard rumours, I haven't spoken to anyone.

"I'm sure they will take the best decision possible here, so I'm relaxed. I'm not very up with what's going on but I'm very happy."

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