Vieira lends friendly advice to former boss

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Arsenal may not have won a trophy in six years, but Patrick Vieira says that Arsene Wenger's current squad plays better football than the Invincibles of 2003/04.

Vieira, who left the Gunners for Juventus in 2005, captained the Arsenal side who went unbeaten that season and now acts as a football development executive for Manchester City.

He believes that although the current generation of Gunners play better football, his side were better suited for the demands of the Barclays Premier League.

"Since I left Arsenal there are new players, a new generation and maybe a new philosophy, because Arsenal play better football than we used to do in my time," Vieira said.

"They have the passing and the movement, and they are faster, but our team was more physical and responded better to the English game."

The former France captain believes that all Arsenal need to begin to win trophies with such technically gifted players is to begin playing with some balance in the side.


"They lost that physical aspect but have gained in the technical aspect," Vieira said. "Maybe it's balance you need to find to win trophies.

"The big problem in the last few years has been the physical difference between Arsenal and the other clubs. This Arsenal team play good football and creates chances."

But Vieira reiterated that although Arsenal play beautiful football, he's not convinced it's the best model for success.

Vieira pointed to Barcelona's success, but then posed the question as to who else has been successful playing such a style of football.

"It is possible to play good football and win, but you need to believe in it. Arsenal believe in it, but they haven't managed to win with it yet.

"Barcelona have shown it is possible but the Spanish league is different to the English league, and in the Champions League how many teams are like Barcelona?

"It all depends on your philosophy of the game. In the end what is important is that when everyone works out who has won what in the last few years, even Arsenal have to believe they have played the best football."

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