Premier League Quotes of the day: August 23

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Ferguson on his selection headaches after Welbeck's performance...

"If you look at Berbatov, Owen, Hernandez and Rooney, they all have different qualities. You have to utilise all that and make changes as best you can.

"The horrible part for me now is with having Javier back, what do we do? It is going to be a big problem for me."

Mata on one of the reasons why he joined Chelsea...

"From being a little boy my colour was always blue.

"I loved playing for Real Oviedo [which has a blue kit] and would like to return there one day."

Cesc Fabregas compares Arsenal to Barcelona after scoring his first goal for the Catalan side...

"All my team-mates make things easy for me. At Arsenal I played with a little more freedom, but here things are more disciplined and I have to get used to it.

"I am playing in a different role compared to what I was used to at Arsenal, but this is a new experience, and things will get better for me.

"I am very happy to have scored my first goal in a Barcelona shirt. This is a great experience and I hope to enjoy the moment."

Mancini on letting players leave for free to reduce Manchester City's wage bill...

"All these players have a cost. They are good players and, if there is a club that wants one of them, they must pay.

I don't understand why we should have to pay a lot of money for them and others don't."

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