Fans' reaction: Gooners rubbish Wenger exit talk

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Arsene Wenger's woes have been growing and growing; the embarrassing 8-2 defeat to arch Barclays Premier League rivals Manchester Untied was the over-sized cherry on the teetering cake.

After three games Arsenal are sat in 17th with just one point, but chairman Peter Hill-Wood has slammed suggestions that Arsene Wenger is on the verge of leaving the club.

But do the fans still have faith in the Frenchman, who has been at the helm with the Gunners for 15 years?

Emma Pikin was defiant. She said: “He is going nowhere, in ARSENE we trust. Like it or not, he is the best man for the job at the EMIRATES. Up GUNNERS!”

Cyrus Eseoghene Francis echoed her sentiments, and called for Wenger's detractors to lay off.

He said: “In Wenger I trust.....Critics should just let him be.” But King Robert jumped in with a suspicious mind, adding: “Are you sure you trust him...Hmmmmmmm.”

Barbara Barham barked back at the interjection, comparing the Arsenal manager's fall in popularity to Sir Alex Ferguson's fall from grace with United fans, adding that she trusted Wenger “completely”.

She said: “I wished so called fans would stop putting him down, he is a great man... done a lot for Arsenal, I remember when the knives were out for Fergie, now look where they are!”

Vanessa Louise blamed the players for the recent spell of poor form and sympathised with the 61-year-old's lack of control over the course of events.


She said: “If Wenger left I wouldn't blame him, at the end of the day it's down to the players on the performance, Arsene can only set the tactics that's it, he's not on the front line.

“Football is a gamble when you sign players you don't know if they are going to be good or bad. If Wenger got sacked Arsenal will struggle. In Wenger we trust!”

Window Yasser thinks that it's now or never for Wenger, as the end of the transfer market brings in more players to bolster Arsenal's squad.

He said: “I think next match will be more decisive for the club's future!”

But Budi Rekain retorted that Wenger could never be excused for getting rid of star players such as Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

He said: “I wouldn't be disappointed if AW left the Emirates..why not, after he sold all the best players like Fabregas and Samir Nasri...”

George Paul, a man of few words, simply said “let him go”, but Hari R. Džaferi was much more radical.

The Che Guevara of football fans planned to lead a revolt in defiance to any decision to get rid of the entrenched Arsenal manager, holding the chairman to ransom with a supporter boycott.

Džaferi said: “If he gets fired I won't be a Gunner any more. Who's with me? Let him stay or you'll lose a lot of Gunners Peter Hill Wood.”

Good luck to you Hari, let us know how it goes.

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