Guardiola better than Ferguson

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Xavi may be a little biased in his opinions, but the Barcelona midfielder believes that Pepe Guardiola is the best manager in the world.

This accolade is normally bestowed to Sir Alex Ferguson, who currently holds 12 Barclays Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies under his belt, but Xavi believes that Guardiola’s effect on the game as a whole makes him the current best.

"In my opinion he's the best coach in the world. There is little doubt about that for me. He has revolutionised football and has added everything to this club that we needed,” Xavi told Sport.

"This team can achieve a lot under Pep and we all accept his decisions. Nobody questioned it when he benched [Sergio] Busquets in the European Supercup. We will all have our moments where we won't play. Not even [Lionel] Messi can always play.”


Xavi believes that Guardiola’s equal treatment of players is the key to being a successful manager, and where other managers have had problems with big egos, the Spaniard has a low tolerance for players who think they’re bigger than the club.

He added: "Those who think they are untouchable won't go far under Pep. History doesn't count for anything. We are all equal and have to show that we deserve to play."

Barcelona certainly have some of the best team spirit in the world, with seven players in the squad featuring for Spain during their World Cup triumph in 2010.

And with the Catalan side defeating Manchester United convincingly in the last Champions League final, and completely dominating possession in their 3-1 win, Barcelona are looking at a few more years of glory under Guardiola’s watch at least.

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