Torres gets Chelsea fans' backing

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Chelsea got to grips with their Bundesliga opponents Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday night with a 2-0 win.

The Blues' first UEFA Champions League fixture of the season saw Fernando Torres assist both of Chelsea's two goals, but the striker is yet to get off the mark this season. Here's what the fans make of the 27-year-old's performance.

In contrast to the recent reports that Torres described his team-mates as "old" and "slow", Yatie Sebran thought that the Spaniard's assists show a selfless spirit,

Sebran said: “Torres proved that he's not selfish, good for him and the team, well class!”

But Daddyboy N. Sondah wasn't surprised by this team play, he responded: “That's what we expect from Torres.”

Ikmal Azmir reckoned the fixture saw Torres “back to his top form”, but others were still obsessing over whether the Spaniard will start scoring goals.

Bharat Guglani said: “Torres made assists but get some goals on the scoring sheet also.”

But Frederick A Ward pointed out it came down to the team's performance; he responded: “I don't care who scores as long as we win.”

Hillary Andy was in a passionate state of ecstasy over Chelsea's run of form, and called on the international striker to get goals to take him out of the firing line.


He said: “God! This manager and my players are stabbing love into me, I'll keep loving Chelsea forever. Torres, what a fantastic play and blitz attack you did today, now get some goals to clear yourself.”

Dev Parmar blamed Torres' team-mates for his lack of goals. He said: “Was so disappointed Torres had to move out of the box to set up both the goals. Come on guys, he is a striker not a play maker. Please deliver him balls in the box. He should remain in the box like a predato."

Segun Mp Kx retorted: “The whole team has been supporting him. What else do you want them to do ?”

Meanwhile Dino Christianto took a completely different view stating that the run of play on Tuesday night proved a theory he had constructed about Torres' true role.

The next Andre Villas-Boas asserted: “As I said before. Torres would be better as a midfielder than a striker. Keep the winning spirit.”

Dean Williams believes the goal run will start soon. He said: “Torres what a game, the goals are so close!”

Efobi Peter N assured everyone that the Torres recession would end soon, backing the record signing with financial confidence.

He said: “Guys!! Give Torres a break! He's going to come good! You can take my words to the bank! Nice one El Nino! More of that!”

Will Torres cash in soon? Or will Chelsea look for a bail out instead? What do you think?

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