Warnock offers backing to Taarabt

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Neil Warnock has quashed speculation that Adel Taarabt went to a pub and tried to get a bus home after being subbed off as QPR lost to Fulham 6-0 at the weekend, with the manager insisting there are bigger problems than whether the midfielder was happy to come off or not.

Taarabt was substituted at the end of the first half, with QPR already down to the Cottagers 3-0. He apparently stormed to a bus stop outside the ground, with some reports placing him at a pub at one point.


Some fans had photos with the Morocco international at the time, and while Warnock admitted he reacted quite badly, the manager insisted that he wasn’t particularly bothered by the bazaar behaviour.

"It doesn't bother me," he said. "The dressing rooms at Craven Cottage are in one corner of the ground, the bench is on the halfway line on the far side of the pitch. I'm not going to insist he walks 60 yards just to sit and watch us lose.

"At half-time I was more concerned with my defence. I said: '[Shaun Derry] Dessie, you're off, and you are as well Adel.' That was it.

"People talk about him storming off. I didn't even know he'd gone. And he certainly didn't go to the pub for a pint as some have reported - he's a Muslim and doesn't drink.

"They want to be careful he doesn't sue them for saying that."

Warnock also argued that while Derry stayed to watch the loss, he is dealing with two very different personalities and needs to treat each individual in the squad differently.

"They are different people. Adel is young and emotional. He does these things,” Warnock said.

"Last year he said he'd never play for Morocco again after he was made substitute in a game. Guess where he is now? Heading for Morocco to play for them.

"I'll see him at training when we get back and, with the rest of the team, we'll start preparing for the next match at Blackburn. My main concern at the moment is which defenders we'll have fit and available, not Adel.

"You're going to get days when Adel throws his toys out of the pram, that isn't a worry for me, I'd have more problem if someone was happy being subbed."

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