Hoddle backs Chelsea stadium move

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Former Chelsea manager Glenn Hoddle believes a stadium relocation would help the club compete at the highest level.

Owner Roman Abramovich is thought to be considering a move away from Stamford Bridge, the club's home for 106 years, with Earls Court and Battersea cited as possible destinations for a new 60,000-seater stadium.

And whilst some have voiced their concern over a move away from the current west London destination, Hoddle believes the advantages are too big to ignore as the Blues look to continue challenging in the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

“If Chelsea were to move 100 yards then some fans will not be happy, they don’t want to move and that’s it,” Hoddle told talkSPORT.

“Chelsea have to move with the times though. It’s quite ambitious. I know Abramovich has put loads of money into Chelsea but he’s still looking to make the club bigger and better. If Chelsea do move to a 60-70,000 capacity stadium it will bode well for the future of the club.”

Question marks have also been raised over the club's ability to fill such a stadium, with a handful of home matches at the current 41,837-seat stadium not selling out.


However, Hoddle is in no doubt that the fans will flock to a new stadium for the big games, providing Andre Villas-Boas' side is playing well.

“Chelsea would get 60,000 if they were doing well. For certain cup games they would struggle, but for big Champions League nights and Premier League game they would just about get the 60,000 they are looking to achieve," he continued.

"They have to be doing well to get it though.”

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