Le Saux backs Chelsea move

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Graeme Le Saux has backed Chelsea's bid to leave Stamford Bridge in the near future, and believes the Chelsea Pitch Owners need to cooperate to allow the club to move forward.

The Blues favourite has urged the CPO, a group set up in 1993 to help prevent the club being evicted from Stamford Bridge, to agree to sell the freehold of the pitch back to the club to assist in a potential move to a new stadium.

Le Saux also believes that a bigger stadium can help the club attract some of the biggest names in world football, and continue Chelsea's recent success.

"Over the years there has been a lot of talk of how Chelsea continue to develop from the success the team and subsequently the rest of the club have had over the past six or seven years," he said.


"Of course the stadium forms a big part of how we attract people to not only play for the club but also get enough people through the gates to watch the team.

"I don't think there's anything more frustrating than knowing you could sell an extra 15-20,000 tickets because they're such a successful side on the pitch.

"So in terms of the proposal with the Chelsea pitch owners I think that in order to prepare the club if ever the opportunity came to leave the site then the club are in the position to make decisions to take opportunities as they come along," he added

"It doesn't mean that that's going to happen but it just gives the club the chance to react if a decision has to be made at some point in the future."

Le Saux follows captain John Terry, president of the CPO, in backing the proposal from the club, which would open up the possibility of moving to a bigger stadium.

"The club's objective is to remain at Stamford Bridge or move to a new stadium within three miles," the club said.

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