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Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has heaped praise on the MPs who permitted the full disclosure of government documents concerning the Hillsborough tragedy 22 years ago.

Countless attempts have been made to have the full details of the afternoon's events released to the public and to the families of the 96 men, women and children who lost their lives.

The House of Commons staged its first full-scale debate concerning the disaster on Monday, and Dalglish says the development is a victory for the families.

"It's a fantastic success for the families," he said. "It's a huge step forward for them. They are getting access to what other people have seen, the papers that are there.

"There has been some fantastic work done by Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram.


"Andy came up two years ago and said he'd try and push this forward and he's kept his word. Steve Rotheram is a local MP who's pushed it forward, so there are lots of people who've done brilliantly for the families.

"All they want is some closure on it. I don't know how long it will take to go through the papers but I don't think speed is the most important thing. Care and attention to the detail is the most important thing.

An online petition, signed by nearly 140,000 people sparked the debate into the release of the documents, and the Reds boss, who was at the helm at Anfield at the time of the disaster, says its about time the families of those affected got closure.

"It wasn't just about the city," Dalglish added. "I think people everywhere want to see it and it's very appropriate they will get to see the papers that are there.

"The petition tells you this isn't just about Liverpool Football Club and the fans who support Liverpool, it's about football. It could have been anybody there. Everyone who supports a football club realises."

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