Gunners ‘will compete with intelligence’

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Arsene Wenger has called on Arsenal fans to have trust in the board, with the club conducting their AGM today and answering shareholder’s questions on where the side’s future lies.

Wenger, alongside Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis, insisted that there is a lot more to come from Arsenal this season, and the side will fight back from their worst start in over 50 years to challenge for trophies.

“I would personally like to turn around the skepticism surrounding this club at the moment… It is too high,” he said.

“Trust us, this team has quality, this team will fight.”


Wenger argued that the side’s policies, including not spending big money on players as well as concentrating on youth are very honourable, and should continue to be the case at the north London club.

"I believe the values we defend are highly defendable,” he explained.

"We want to do things with class and be very brave. Courage is a quality I admire, because it is highly needed in the modern world. I can see a lot of fear and discontent among you - and I can understand that because we live in a world where we fight with people who have extremely high resources.

"We can compete by trying to be intelligent and to be united, because football is very difficult to be consistent and we have been more consistent than anybody in the world in the last 15 years."

And Wenger called on unhappy fans to come together with Arsenal in their time of need, and understand that everyone was doing their best under the circumstances to create a successful club.

He added: "To stay at the top, top level we have to stay united.

"That does not mean I am not to be criticised, or the board - we accept that, but we have to show to the outside we are united. If you are not, then you have no chance."

Kreonke weighed into the debate, saying that he plans to stay on the Arsenal board for a while yet.

"We are glad to be here, are happy with the direction of the club and are here for the long term - we love London, you had better get used to seeing us, because we will be around,” he said.

Gazidis added: "We have a sound foundation to move forwards. Standing still has never been an option."

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