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Javier Hernandez has revealed that he has close affinities to Antonio Valencia and David De Gea at Manchester United, with the striker saying that the trio use their common understanding of Spanish to their advantage.

Hernandez has hit top form for United once more this season, scoring in the 19th minute against Everton to steal the game 1-0 and begin to make up for the side’s embarrassing derby loss the week before.

And the Mexico international believes that part of why United have been so successful this season is his relationship with Ecuador international Valencia and Spain Under 21 international De Gea.

“I'd have to say Antonio Valencia and also recently David De Gea,” Hernandez told the United matchday program, when asked who he was closest to.

“Obviously we can all speak Spanish and communicate well with each other.”

Hernandez insisted though that he gets on with everyone at United, and is becoming closer to Wayne Rooney as time goes on at the club.

“I'm the sort of guy who tries to have a good relationship with as many people as possible, and think I'm friendly with everyone,” he said.

“Actually, I feel like Wayne Rooney and I are building a good relationship - off the pitch as well as on it.”

And Hernandez also revealed that the ‘C’ signs he made during his goal celebrations were a dedication to his sister.

“Her name is Ana Silvia but the nickname I have for her starts with the letter 'C'.,” he explained.

“That's why I made that shape. I wanted to dedicate that goal to her because she's a very important part of my life.”

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