Common sense must prevail after latest Suarez development

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Luis Suarez, it would appear, is never a player too far from controversy of some description, and the Liverpool striker seemingly risks attracting the ire of Manchester United once again.

The 25-year-old is Public Enemy No.1 at Old Trafford these days following his conduct in recent weeks, but this will not reportedly be enough to keep him away from Manchester.

According to The People, Suarez will make a 'sensational' visit to Old Trafford on Thursday night to watch Manchester United take on his former club Ajax during the second leg of their Europa League tie.

An Ajax player said: "Luis still has a lot of friends at Ajax and sees no reason why he shouldn't go to Old Trafford."

It would be unfair to suggest for one moment that Suarez intends to attend the game in order to ruffle further feathers, but his presence alone is likely to do just that.

United are reported to be keen to advise Suarez not to attend, amidst fears that he would cause a riot of sorts if spotted in the stands by the home support.

Suarez is, of course, at liberty to do as he pleases, having served his time after being charged of racially abusing Evra, and showing some kind of contrition following the failure to shake the hand of the latter.

However, should Suarez decide to support his former colleagues in person, then it would provide another example that the Uruguayan lacks a often undervalued commodity: common sense.

Suarez is an extremely talented footballer who is an asset to a great club like Liverpool but, after attracting criticism from both the club's owners and sponsors after his recent behaviour, he would be well advised to reconsider his plans to return to Old Trafford.

Perhaps the assertion that he could cause a riot is a little far fetched, but the time is not right for Suarez to return to the scene of the crime of his most recent misdemeanour.

He owes it to his club and his manager to keep a low profile and continue to attract attention for the right reasons. Helping Liverpool win the Carling Cup on Sunday would be a decent start.

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