Ferguson denies Scholes deal

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has denied rumours that Paul Scholes had been offered a one-year extension to his current short-term deal.

Scholes fitted seamlessly back into the Old Trafford side after coming out of retirement in January after just a few months out.

Ferguson denied a renewal has been discussed but was full of praise for the 37-year-old playmaker.

“I've not approached that subject at all,” said the Scot when asked about a new deal.

“He can dictate the tempo of games very well and the rhythm of our game. He has the experience which helps him do that. He has a terrific football brain.”

The Red Devils boss also described some of the factors behind Scholes’ decision to retire from the game in the first place.

The United boss explained that the former England international found it difficult to accept the lesser role his age may make necessary.

It appeared as though Scholes’ time out of the game led him to re-assess the situation and he decided to go back into the Old Trafford fold.

Another player in a similar situation is Ryan Giggs, who has changed his game and training regime to help extend his career with the Premier League champions.

“The reason he wanted to retire was because he wanted to play 50 games, not 25, he didn’t think that was enough,” he added.

“I said to him at the time he would play 25 games for me no problem, but he didn’t want that.

“Maybe he felt that was maybe me not giving him enough appreciation. What I was trying to do was look at it in a sensible way and think what do you get out of a 37-year-old? How many games can you get out of him?

“The way we control Ryan Giggs [in terms of games he plays] – he’s different from the rest and we’re treating Paul Scholes exactly the same now.

“There will be games where we maybe leave him out, but we also know the games he can play in.”

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