Being the world's most expensive player, possessing devilish good looks and a goalscoring record that would make Lionel Messi blush, it's only natural that Cristiano Ronaldo need only blink for news junkie's across the globe to circle the Portuguese winger like praying vultures.

So when the 27-year-old is linked with a move in the transfer market, you can only imagine the furore it can create. The latest nugget of transfer news claims that Ronaldo will be offered a 'sensational package' to sign for Manchester City.

Apart from the curious use of the term 'sensational package', given the content of Ronaldo's numerous photo shoots, the story is a mirror image of many rumours that float around the web this time of year.

The story in isolation emphasises a wider point that for all the transfer related stories surrounding Ronaldo, regardless of his world wide popularity, the subject is wearing a little thin.

You'd think that for a player with his appeal, that anything concerning a return to the Premier League, where he originally shot to stardom, would send shockwaves through European football and additionally would be music to the ears of football fans around the globe.

Instead, It's getting to the point that the quantity, and the implausible nature of the stories, are slowly eroding away any interest in them. This latest attempt to stir up more Ronaldo nonsense is the tip of the iceberg in that respect.

Ronaldo himself doesn't do himself many favours, having often flirted with the idea of rejoining Manchester United, and he firmly contributed to the boredom that now accompanies stories surrounding his Real Madrid future.

If we allow ourselves to step into reality for one moment, let's quickly rubbish any possibility of Ronaldo leaving Madrid. Even with City's riches, they'll do well to top the £106 million the former Sporting Lisbon man will earn over six years at Madrid.

Just like his current manager Jose Mourinho, who craves universal success as he seeks a third European Cup in his third different country a domestic tittle in each of Europe's biggest divisions, Ronaldo is another whose ambition outstrips his loyalty.

His next move therefore is likely to take him to Italy, rather than to England, where he complained he's achieved all he could before joining La Liga.

So a big congratulations to the world's media. They've succeeded in making stories surrounding one of the globe's greatest ever players appear dull and meaningless.

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