The Premier League has today unveiled its new match ball for the 2012-13 campaign, claiming to have created the best football in the world for the best league in the world.

Lab-tested technology, complete with its 'aerodynamic textured casing' and 'six wing carbon-latex air chamber', shows how far we have come since the inception of England's top-flight 20 years ago.

Creators of the new Maxim ball say that it is more visible to the players, more responsive to the touch, and has a 360 degree sweet spot, to further enhance the country's favourite sport.

An assortment of jagged blue, red and black blocks, Nike's latest design will also feature in Serie A and La Liga.

Clubs returning to pre-season will look to acclimatise their players to the new ball, with the Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology likely to catch a few out in the early stages of the new campaign.

Southampton and Arsenal used the new ball in Saturday's three-way Markus Liebherr cup competition, hosted at St Mary's stadium, and also including Belgian champions Anderlecht, in memory of Saints' former owner, who, sadly passed away in 2010.



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