Torres reveals Champions League regrets

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Fernando Torres has revealed the torment he went through last season and does not think he can take too much pleasure out of Chelsea’s FA Cup and Champions League double.


The Spain striker felt that his Blues team-mates deserved the plaudits they received, but he could not feel any great pride with his own contribution and is eager to put things right.


Didier Drogba left Stamford Bridge a legend this summer after his heroics in both finals, neither of which Torres made a great contribution in.


The 28-year-old spoke of how he wants to win another Champions League, but this time with him having more of an effect on it – he also wants to do it for the fans.


The former Liverpool man described the cultural differences between fans in Spain and England, claiming the latter did as much as anyone to keep his spirits high in one of the worst seasons of his career.


“The season was not for me, it was for others,” he told Spanish publication La Razon.


“Chelsea wins the FA Cup but I don’t play the semi-final nor the final. I didn’t taste anything.


“I feel I participated a bit more in the Champions League but even so it was not the Champions League I wanted to win, not like that. I want to win another Champions League and in a different way.”


Torres also admitted that at times he did not even want to play and that were it not for Chelsea supporters, he may have had even less of an impact coming off the bench.


“The fans helped me a lot — and you don’t understand why.


“You come from outside and you have played well in this league and, with the Spanish mentality, the first who should have turned against you are the fans.


“You are not living up to expectations but they still support you. These people are special.


“At times I was thinking, ‘I will sit here on the bench, I won’t make any noise, I don’t even want to play.’ But they are demanding that you jump on the pitch and play.


“They lifted my spirits so many times. Not even my team-mates succeeded in doing that in this way. Whatever I do from now on will be for the fans.


“That is why I want to win another Champions League. For them.”

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