Beckham & Henry lead MLS shirt sales

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When it comes to Major League Soccer, two players stand head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to marketability.

David Beckham and Thierry Henry justify the tag ‘superstar’, and are both renowned all over the world for their ability on the pitch and off it.

Football isn’t just about 90 minutes anymore, and no player proves that point more than Beckham. Whilst the former England captain does his best work whilst playing, only a fool would suggest that his value to the LA Galaxy stops there.

If that was a point that needed proving, then Beckham’s position as the No.1 shirt seller last year should tell you everything you need to know.

Beckham was signed for a huge personal figure in 2007, with new rules created by the MLS to make sure his free transfer move to California took place. Five-years later, he signed a contract extension from a much smaller $3 million ‘base’ salary. Add on the extras and life is still pretty good for the former Manchester United star - Forbes estimate his endorsements to be in the region of $37 million.

Beckham earns so much for two reasons. One, his popularity on-and-off the pitch, and two, his ability. When the two things are combined together, it makes for a popular player.

And, if you don’t believe that Beckham’s still got the ability on the pitch, then check out this video below of his best goals in America...

Henry sits second on the list of top shirt-sellers in the US, which goes some way to justifying the former Arsenal striker’s $5 million ‘base’ salary – the highest in the MLS.

The Frenchman shocked many people when he opted for America, rejecting plenty of offers from Europe following his Barcelona exit in 2010.

However, the former AS Monaco starlet has flourished in the Big Apple, scoring goals and becoming a firm fans’ favourite.

Don’t believe Henry’s still got the quality in his locker? Watch the video below and quickly change your mind…

So, if you were the owner of an MLS team and had to make the big decision, who would it be – Beckham or Henry?

One sells more shirts and costs less money in wages, the other scores more goals? State your case below.

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