Hillsborough group: Ban chanting United fans

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A member of the Hilsborough Families Support Group has called for any fan caught chanting about the Hilsborough disaster during Liverpool's game against Manchester United on Sunday to be hit with a lifetime ban after videos emerged seemingly showing United fans using abusive songs after the game.

Much of the build up to the game was dominated by stories regarding fan behavior in the aftermath of the revelations about the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans died.

Both clubs urged fans not to sing songs about the disaster, with Sir Alex Ferguson publishing a letter imploring fans to behave respectfully during the game at Anfield.

Before the game, Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton handed former Liverpool striker Ian Rush a bouquet of roses to honour those who died in the disaster, while club captains Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard came together to release 96 red balloons before the match.

The pre-mtach handshakes, which involved Patrice Evra and Luis Saurez shaking hands after the Liverpool striker was banned for eight games for racially abusing Evra, also went off without a hitch.

However it has now emerged that a small minority of fans appeared to have ignored the pleas from both clubs and used chants about the disaster.

One chant can be heard coming from United fans kept behind at Anfield after the game which accuses Liverpool fans of being victims and failing to face up to responsibility, while another branded them as “murderers”, in relation to the Heysel disaster.

Margaret Aspinall, a member of the Hillsborough Families Support Group, has urged the club to ban any fan found guilty of using the offensive chants for life.

"A couple of fans came up to me at the end and said they hoped I hadn't heard any of it, and I didn't but a lot were upset by it," she said.

"Even if I had heard it it wouldn't have mattered because there were only a few morons. They are not winning. You have to look at the vast majority.

"I hope it never creeps back in again. Any form of chanting about any disaster is appalling and it makes you ashamed.

"If they get caught on CCTV they should not get a second chance - ban them for life so they can never go to a match again.

"The Manchester United fans were very good yesterday. Obviously there were a few morons but you can't blame the majority."

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