Guardiola coy about coaching future

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From capacity crowds at Camp Nou to a packed auditorium in Mexico City, Pep Guardiola certainly knows how to fill a venue.

The Former Barcelona manager attended a forum where he shared his experiences as a football player and coach.

Speaking about his passion for the game and his career, the 41-year-old Spaniard hinted that taking charge of his national team La Roja in the future would be of interest, whilst also stating that he never intended to stay at Barcelona for his entire career.

"Coaching the national team? You never know what could happen," Guardiola admitted. "I'm feeling very well in New York, and I'll stay here for a year.

"I don't know when I will return to coaching, but it will not be this year. I will make my comeback once I have the desire to coach again, but that's not the case just yet."

Guardiola said he had "great luck of coaching irreplaceable players" at the Nou Camp, where he won 14 trophies in four years in charge at Barca, before stepping down at the end of last season to take a year off from football.

"I never had the intention to stay at Barcelona my entire life," he continued. "It was a stage in my life and I had a great time. The time to move on had come, though, so I decided to quit.

"It was all about entertaining the fans at Barcelona. The crowd have to enjoy watching football. I stuck to a tradition that was started by Johan Cruyff, who also had a great group of players."

There has been plenty of speculation about his future career plans but, for now, Guardiola seems more concerned with living in the present.

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