Liverpool winger taken down by contender for worst tackle ever

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Liverpool's Stewart Downing was on the receiving end of one of the worst tackles of all-time during the Reds's Europa League defeat to Udinese on Thursday.

Charging down the right wing and into the Udinese half, Downing outstrips opposition midfielder Giampiero Pinzi and streaks towards the Italian side's penalty area.

Not content with being beaten so easily, however, Pinzi clambers onto the back of the Liverpool winger and hauls him down to the ground with the type of challenge seen more regularly at Twickenham than Anfield.

It is surely a contender for the most ridiculous 'tackle' in history, and Liverpool supporters were left bemused with how Pinzi escaped with only a yellow card from the referee.

You can watch the video of the incident below...


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