Liverpool boss singles out three players destined to flop

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Brendan Rodgers took the rather strange step of listing the three Liverpool players he believes will let him down this season – although thankfully for those who where the red shirt every week those names remain a mystery.

The peculiar strategy was apparently designed to motivate his players not to disappoint as they look to bounce back from the disappointment of last season under their new manager.

The strange ploy from the Liverpool boss was revealed after a clip from the upcoming episode of Being: Liverpool, to be aired on Channel 5 in the UK this Friday, was released.

In the clip, Rodgers is seen holding three envelopes, each of which he claims contains a name of one Liverpool player who he apparently believes will let the Anfield club down this season.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is shown looking on solemnly as Rodgers explains his concept, before he implores his players to ‘not be one of these names’.

The trick was apparently used by Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson back in the 1992/93 season to inspire his players, although it is hard to judge from the Liverpool player’s faces whether it had the desired effect.

Ferguson later admitted there were no names in his enevlopes.

The Merseyside club have come in for criticism for allowing the cameras in to capture life behind the scenes, with Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson insisting iconic manager Bill Shankly would be ‘rolling in his grave’ because of the cringe-worthy nature of the show.

Rodgers himself has come in for criticism because of some of his idiosyncrasies as a manager, which include hanging a large image of himself in his own front room.

The six-part series focuses heavily on Liverpool’s history and heritage, as well as following the storylines of Lucas Leiva’s recovery from serious injury and Rodgers’ attempts to guide the club back to the top.

Despite the gloss painted over the club by the documentary makers, life at Liverpool under Rodgers has not gone to plan so far.

They have won just one Premier League game this season and have just six points from seven games, while they have won just three games at Anfield in 2012.

To add to their misery, leading striker, who features in the documentary signing a new contract, has been at the centre of a diving storm, with Stoke boss Tony Pulis calling on the FA to ban him for three games following with dive in Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with the Potters on Sunday.

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