Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has said he will considering moving into management when he retires, having revealed he’s currently taking his UEFA coaching badges.

The Old Trafford legend also hinted that this could be his final season as a player. The 38-year-old has spent his entire career with Manchester United , is the club’s record appearance maker, and it’s most decorated player.

And the former Wales captain revealed that when the time is right, he could retire from playing and attempt to follow his illustrious playing career with an equally successful managerial one.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Giggs said: “When I do finish playing, I’ll try to find the next best thing. Management does interest me. The nearer I get to finishing, the more I think about it. All I can do is prepare myself as best I can for when I do finish.

“I’ve been doing my coaching courses with Nev [Gary Neville] – levels one two, A-Licence. We’re starting the Pro-Licence next year.”

And when asked whether this could be his final year at Manchester United, and his final year as a professional player, Giggs said: “It could be, yes. I’m a similar mindset that I’ve been for the past couple of years; evaluate after Christmas, see how I feel, see what the manager thinks.”

Giggs will be 39 in November, and another year past season this season would see the United winger past 40 – usually only goalkeepers make it to such a milestone while still in the professional game.

His longetivity is testament to his professionalism, his attitude, and his work ethic – three attributes Giggs could be set to bring to the management game.

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