Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is the star of the new advert for Puma’s latest line of football boots, though he is ably deputised by some other big names.

Barcelona midfielder, and another former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas features as one of the current players who are showing off the German companies new range.

Fabregas is joined by Manchester City stars Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure to do some very important ball kicking in the video.

The Spaniard is apparently a power junkie and needs ‘Power Cat’ boots, while Toure is named a control freak (we’re not told how he feels about this) and so, obviously, needs ‘King’.

Meanwhile, Aguero’s tendency to flit about at great pace makes him a speed junkie and so the next logical step for him is to acquire a pair of ‘Evo Speed’.

However, the thing that holds the piece together is Henry and his accented commentary.

The New York Red Bulls forward is at his smooth best in the advert and does some philosophising about football and people’s reasons for playing it.

Granted, it’s all pretty shallow and quite meaningless (he also says nothing about huge salaries when answering why they play so much), but he sounds and looks very cool. Of course he does, he’s Thierry Henry.

Anyway, it’s called ‘The Nature of Performance’ and you can watch it below...


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