Video: Lionel Messi & Kobe Bryant show off their ball skills in new ad

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The question asked my most football fans these days is usually along the lines of ‘who is the best player in the world: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?’ – but there cannot have been many asking who is better out of the Barcelona superstar and NBA icon Kobe Bryant.

Well that is the dilemma faced by a lucky young man in a new commercial for Turkish Airlines, when he stumbles across an unlikely scenario while flying on one of said airline’s crafts.

Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant face off in a bid to win the attention of the little boy looking for an autograph – quite why a child that looks about eight is given carte blanche to wander about an aeroplane with a football isn’t addressed.

Messi is disappointed when Bryant shows off some of his skills with an basketball and responds with an elaborate keepy-uppies routine.

It quickly escalates in to full-blown child entertainment nonsense as Messi and Bryant continually try to outdo each other.

In the end Turkish Airlines win by offering a plate of ice-cream to the lucky little tyke, which looks as ridiculous as it sounds; what young boy in their right mind would forget stars such as Messi and Bryant for a quite dull looking plate of dessert?

Anyway, it is all rather amusing and quite diverting, so take a look for yourself above.

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