Santos manager: Neymar must link up with Lionel Messi

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Barcelona is the only club Neymar should consider moving to as he and Lionel Messi playing together would be “the most beautiful thing in football”, according to his manager at Santos.

The Brazil superstar has been in sensational form this year, which has prompted much discussion over whether he should make a big money move to one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Muricy Ramalho believes Neymar must eventually make the switch but should only do so after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as it would provide him with the necessary experience to hit the ground running.

He also claimed that Barcelona must be the club Neymar chooses, for the fact that it would mean two of the world’s top five players playing together and he believes that would be glorious.

"Neymar is among the top five players in the world, and he will be even better after the 2014 World Cup,” he is quoted as saying by Sambafoot.

“To see Neymar and Messi together at Barça would be the most beautiful thing in football.

"Barcelona is very much like Santos, we like playing football with the ball. Barcelona is the best team for Neymar.

“Currently, it is the best for him, because Real Madrid plays a different type of football.

"The path for Neymar should be Europe after the World Cup. Neymar should choose the right club, and he is the best for Barcelona."

Ramalho was then asked if he thought Messi could be considered the greatest player of all time, to which he said the 25-year-old needed to experience glory on the international stage before reaching such a level.

“It's coming, but he lacks the World Cup, only then will he reach the level of Pele and Maradona,” he added.

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