The reason behind Manchester United winger Nani’s apparent appearance at Arsenal’s training ground on the day of the Manchester derby has been explained.

Nani is out of favour at Manchester United, and having turned down the offer of a contract extension at Old Trafford, could leave the club in the summer.

That has sparked reports that Arsenal are keen on landing the Manchester United player and are willing to offer up to £20 million to secure his services.

Those rumors went into overdrive yesterday after a picture emerged on Twitter of Nani seemingly at Arsenal’s training ground on Sunday, with some believing the 26-year-old was present to discuss a switch with the Gunners ahead of the January transfer window.

Unfortunately the truth is a little more mundane than that. According to the Daily Mail, Nani was in fact visiting Watford’s training ground next door – Arsenal’s old facility - to see his fiancé’s son play for the Hornet’s under-10 side.

Nani has not played for Manchester United since early November and could still head to Arsenal in the new year.

According to reports, Nani is destined to leave the club not only because of a lack of first team action, but also because of a bust-up with Red Devils youngster Davide Petrucci in November.

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