The renaissance of the Seleção

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Since the beginning of time, Brazil has been a hotbed of the best football talent the world has to offer. Pele, Ronaldo, Romario, Zico - the list is never-ending.

The South American country's haul of five World Cups, and eight Copa America's speaks for itself, Brazil has always set the benchmark, not only in its own continent, but the global scene.

Despite this, having only reached the quarter-finals at the 2010 World Cup, and achieving the same feat in the 2011 Copa America, this once unrivalled champion currently sits 18th in the FIFA World Rankings.

Having set such high standards, Brazil turned to Luis Felipe Scolari to lead a much needed revolution, and having one World Cup already under his belt, he'll be hoping to bring back success to his homeland.

But what is more encouraging is Brazil's success domestically. The increasing strength of the Brazilian economy is reflected in the financial power that domestic teams can now boast.

Where as previously Brazilian teams would have had to sell their prized assets, the likes of Neymar, Ganso and Paulinho, the current state of affairs means that clubs can rival wages offered by some European bigwigs and in turn, can keep hold of these starlets.

In many cases, these players are nurtured and brought through by the clubs from an early age, so for these teams it is a joy to see their hard work pay off.

Another recent trend is that many superstars are returning to their homeland. The likes of Ronaldinho, Alexandre Pato, Luis Fabiano and Jadson, Brazilians who have all enhanced their names by playing in Europe are only a few that have returned to Brazil.

Without this investment, tempting these household names back to Brazil would have been a gargantuan task. Perhaps now we might begin seeing Brazilian sides compete on a wider scale.

In fact, we may already be seeing this point take effect immediately, with Corinthians having won the Copa Libertadores and the Club World Cup in 2012 beating Chelsea in the latter, who ironically boast a wealth of Brazilian talent in their own side.

Time will tell, if this resurgence in Brazilian football is long lasting. But, we are experiencing without doubt a colourful new era for the gold of The Seleção.

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