Premier League star backs calls for winter break

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As he takes a break away from the game, German starlet Mario Gotze is pictured with international teammate Andre Schurrle soaking up the rays in somewhere a little hotter than Germany at this time of year.

A picture that undoubtedly would make any Premier League player a little envious as they step out onto the training ground on a freezing winters morning, wishing they were anywhere but here.

The Premier League is one of the few European leagues that decided against having a winter break, with the Boxing Day fixtures being the highlight of every football fans festive period. But why is this the case?

The 2012/13 season represents the worst showing by English teams in the Champions League since the 02/03 campaign where Manchester United were the sole English representatives. This has left English fans jumping on the Celtic bandwagon if Manchester United or Arsenal don't take their fancy. Add this to the misfortunes of the national team, and English football is portrayed in a very bad light.

This years knockout stage has a German/Spanish feel to it with seven of the 16 teams hailing from these countries. Is it a coincidence then that both Spain and Germany both carry out a winter pause over the festive period?

Some of the Premier League's most high-profile imports certainly think the introduction of a winter break would be beneficial for the British game. The likes of Nuri Sahin, Thomas Vermaelen and Santi Cazorla are all on record supporting its introduction.

"I do think it is beneficial because you are able to disconnect mentally, psychologically," Cazorla told Arsenal's official website.

"There are times when you become saturated with games, you are unclear about things, and the break that happens in Spain makes you more relaxed mentally."

However it could be argued that whilst it would be beneficial for the players, the league itself benefits from the additional revenue gained whilst the other European leagues are conducting their breaks, as footballing eyes are distracted away from their own leagues and focused upon the Premier League. This additional revenue would in turn have an impact on the national and domestic set-up in England.

The controversial subject is undoubtedly going to rumble on for the foreseeable, and whilst I'm sure that despite the desires of the players, managers and all involved at club level, money will always talk.

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