It’s an argument had not only up and down the land, but across the globe.

“That’s a throw-in!”. “No, we’re playing up to the second blue line, you’re looking at the netball court markings!”

That conversation could soon be consigned to the past however after German company ASB Systembau revealed the local football pitch of the future, sort of – the ASB GlassFloor.

Made of glass (surprisingly), LED lights underneath can light up to show any number of different court markings – at the flick of a button a couple of badminton courts become one massive football pitch. It looks pretty cool as well.

And if you think you’ll be missing the traditional wooden feel of you local sports centre’s knackered old court then you needn’t worry, it’s even textured to feel like its made of wood.

Essentially one big TV screen,  images such as a scoreboard, graphics and adverts can also be displayed beneath your feet, and it's available in any colour. 

Unfortunately if you want to test one out for yourself you’ll have to become a Bavarian child – a school in Germany has the fully-working LED model. Another small snag is that the company have yet to unveil football pitch markings, only showing the likes of badminton and tennis courts in its promotional video.

But next time you’re having a kick about with your mates and think the surface you’re playing on is a little bit old fashioned, find comfort in the fact that your children’s children will probably be playing on something that resembles a prop from the film Tron in years to come.

Check out the promotional video below.


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