Video: Felipe Melo gets four-game ban for ‘spitting’ at player

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Felipe Melo is in the headlines in Turkey, having been banned for four-games over a contentious spitting incident whilst playing for Galatasaray against Besiktas.

The Brazilian international midfielder has also been fined €10,000 for the incident, although club vice-president Ali Durust is far from happy with the decision.

"The punishment isn't just. Our player [Melo] did not spit at anyone, our legal team will be appealing the decision," said Durust.

Melo is certainly still protesting his innocence, despite being sent-off immediately during Gala's 2-1 win by the referee.

"As God is my witness I did not spit at anyone, you can look at every single angle and zoom in as much as you want, there will be absolutely no footage of me spitting at anyone,” he said.

However, Oğuzhan Özyakup, the alleged victim, insists that Melo did spit on him - irresepective of what the 29-year-old has said post-match.

"Melo spat at me. Fernandes and Selçuk Inan were right next to me, they say everything, I can't understand how Melo can swear on his children that he didn't," he said.

Watch the incident at the top of this story, and make up your own mind over the controversial incident.

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