This weekend across Europe saw some incredible moments of skill and numerous stunning goals but few will match this for complete haplessness.

In the Dutch second division De Graafschap are desperately trying to cling on to any hope of a promotion spot to the Eredivisie but they won’t be going anywhere if finishing like this continues.

Striker Piotr Parzyszek had the entire goal at his mercy when a shot rebounded off the post to him inside the six-yard box.

It was not moving fast, he had no pressure on him from defenders and he found himself behind the whole Veendam defence, including the goalkeeper.

So you would think he would have no problem in nodding home the goal that would have won the three points for his side, wouldn’t you? Well, it seems it isn’t that simple.

19-year-old Parzyszek somehow managed to jump a little too high, remember his training to head down and put a little too much juice on his effort.

This resulted in him nodding the ball into the ground just a couple of feet in front of him and watching it bounce over bar – it was astonishing.

Watch the hilarious/tragic moment above…

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