Video: Furry pitch invader bites defender

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Pitch invaders come in all shapes, sizes and species and are generally met with a chuckle because they are usually harmless – until now.

A Swiss Super League match between FC Thun and FC Zurich this past weekend had to be halted briefly due to an unauthorised furry guest entering the field of play.

The pine marten – a relative of the weasel – somehow made its way into the ground and onto the pitch.

A couple of half-hearted attempts to capture it were unsuccessful before Zurich defender Loris Benito showed some fantastic agility and speed to grab hold of it.

Wild animals generally do not appreciate being manhandled, however disruptive they are being, and so the 21-year-old received a nasty nip for his troubles.

Benito admitted later that it probably wasn’t a wise move but his pain was compounded by the fact that the marten got loose again soon after and had to be caught again by goalkeeper David da Costa with gloved hands.

Benito received a bit of treatment on the pitch, though the pain from his wound will have been eased slightly by the fact Zurich went on to a comfortable 4-0 win.

Watch the incident above, replete with hilarious soundtrack.

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