Joey Barton is known for running his mouth and getting himself into trouble, so it came as no surprise that, back in November, some of the comments by the former Newcastle midfielder after had made his debut for Marseille made international news.

But for once, it wasn't so much what he was saying as how he was saying it. The Nietzsche-quoting lout, seemingly inspired by his Gaelic surroundings, spewed forward a string of cliches in the press conference, but rather than using his usual scouse twang, a faux-French accent greeted the ears of the assembled media.

The video instantly became an internet hit, seen around the world. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, it wasn't long before Barton was on the recieving end of a barrell-load of abuse from football fans from around the world.

At least he learned his lesson. Or maybe not. Interviewing team-mate Andre-Pierre Gignac, Barton wheeled out his best Rene from 'Allo 'Allo impression, leaving his interviewee looking vaguely bemused. If anything, his accent is worse than first time round.

He tweeted yesterday: “Has my French accent improved??? Listen carefully!” We'll let you decide. Check out the video above.





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