Video: David Beckham slips over while dressed in suit

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David Beckham has looked his impeccable best during his brief tour of China, with the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star donning a fine array tailored suits at the various events he has been required to attend.

Unfortunately for Beckham, however, a tight suit and leather brogues hardly makes for the ideal outfit for football, which the Paris Saint-Germain found out the hard way as part of his ambassadorial duties in Wuhan, Hubei province.

With snappers at the ready on at a local football club, Beckham removed his jacket and lined-up a free-kick to provide those in attendance with a shot of him poised in trademark fashion.

Things did not go to plan for Beckham, however, who lost his footing as he approached the ball, and skewed his attempt horribly wide of the target. Watch the suited and booted Becks slip in the video above...

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