Rafael Nadal has said that authorities need to do more if drug cheating is to get eradicated from tennis. 

The Spaniard has only just made his return to the game following a seven-month absence with a knee injury and picked up his first title on the hard courts since then with a win at Indian Wells lasr weekend.

"We needed to be stricter on a few things. We need to have all the controls made public," he said to CNN.

"I think we need to work together in the same direction to change the situation. It cannot continue like this.

"We have to work together, we have to be working together with the administrators and hopefully we can change that terrible situation."

After seeing high-profile cases in other sports, Nadal believes it's had an effect across the board and is relieved that tennis has been able to keep out of the limelight.

"Tennis is in sport, so if that happens in other sports, it affects tennis too," he added.

"We are lucky that in tennis, it has happened in just very exceptional cases."

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recently announced that a biological passport program will be introduced into tennis. The new program will see players' drug test results kept over a longer period of time, therefore making it easier to defect illegal substances.

Nadal will be looking to build on his recent victory and will be hopeful of defending his French Open crown starting at the end of May.

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