Paula Radcliffe reavels her career could be at an end

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Paula Radcliffe has revealed that her marathon career could be over after foot injury has resulted in her not being able to jog for eight months.

The world marathon record holder was ruled out of the 2012 London Olympics and hoped to compete in a 10km race this spring.

But the 39-year-old has admitted she won't race in the upcoming event and that we may have seen her run her final race already.

She told BBC Sport: "Targets have gone out of the window.

"I'm very much in that limbo where I know and accept that realistically it may not be possible (to compete again).

"But at the same time I have a little window of hope and I would rather be able to finish my career in a race, rather than a race I can't actually get to the start line of."

Potentially one of Britain's best athletes to have never won an Olympic gold medal, Radcliffe tragically didn't finish the Marathon at the 2004 Olympics and finished 23rd at the Beijing games in 2008.

However, it is nearly 10 years since she ran a stunning London marathon which saw her smash her own record by over two minutes. Since the run no athlete has come close to beating the time and Radcliffe has recognised that family life has to be her first priority.

"I've not even been able to run after the kids in the last few months, and you start to think about the first goal - to get back and be able to have a normal active life," she added.

"I would still like to have a healthy foot in 20 years' time."

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