Suspended Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi and his defence team have sought more time to give evidence after it was announced a decision was likely to be reached by April 29. 

A Board of Control for Cricket in India appointed disciplinary committee have been looking into allegations that Modi has been involved in financial irregularities and have announced a decision will soon be reached.

The defence team representing Modi have explained their reasoning for requesting more time and seemed angered and confused at the announcement a decision was imminent.

"We have sought more time to cross-examine witnesses and give more proofs," Mehmood M Abdi, general counsel and constituted attorney of Modi, told the Press Trust Of India.

"Moreover, there are versions of witnesses running across 12 fat volumes and other submissions of over 25,000 pages which needs to be perused by the Committee. How can the panel finalise its findings in three sittings?"

Mr Abdi has also vented his anger towards the committee and has suggested that the reason they rejected Modi's reply to a show-cause notice was due to it being late. 

"The panel did not accept Modi's response as it was 34 hours late. We tried to explain our position but to no avail. It's a sham," Abdi claimed.

Mr Modi was asked to give reply before April 20 but according to Abdi this wasn't possible due to his dental commitments.

The disciplinary panel is made up of Arun Jaitley, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Chirayu Amin, who started hearing the matter in July, 2010, this two months after Modi was suspended as IPL commissioner due to the allegations made against him. 

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