Video: New contender for the worst miss of all time

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Now, we're the first to admit that here at GMF Towers, we're prone to over-egging it a little bit.

Perhaps we're a bit trigger-happy when it comes to labelling things up like 'greatest goal ever' and 'finest moustache we've ever see on a woman' and things like that.

But this is a genuine greatest miss of all time slice of fried gold.

We can't hammer home just how bad it is - if you've come this far despite being cynical because of all the 'greatest miss ever' type stories we thank you - you are literally seconds away for being rewarded for your loyalty.

Forget your Ronnie Rosenthals and your Yakubus - Nicoletta den Ridder may have just set a new benchmark for the worst miss ever.

Playing in a woman's match between Ajax and Beerschot, Den Ridder has the simple job of tapping in after a free-kick hits the post and the ball falls kindly into her path.

No goalkeeper, no defenders. It really cannot end up in anything but a goal. It really can't...

Now there's no doubting it is genuinely the miss of the season, the year, and the decade. But is it the worst miss of all time? 

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