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Manchester United’s Robin van Persie, Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale are leading the way when it comes to the Premier League scoring charts, but they’re lagging behind when it comes to accuracy.

In fact, when it comes to shooting accuracy in the Premier League, Van Persie, Suarez and Bale aren’t even in the top ten.

According to new data from Opta published by talkSPORT, the top ten of most accurate shooters in the Premier League contains some less expected names.

It could be that the top strikers get the most chances and so have more shots, making it more difficult to have a high accuracy percentage.

 Whatever the reason, the three most prolific scorers in the league miss out – check out the top ten below…

10 – Frank Lampard, Chelsea

Shots on target: 27 out of 46.

Accuracy: 58.7%

9 – Theo Walcott, Arsenal

Shots on target: 30 out of 51.

Accuracy: 58.82%

8 – Romelu Lukaku, West Brom (on loan from Chelsea)

Shots on target: 40 out of 67.

Accuracy: 59.7%

7 – Loic Remy, QPR

Shots on target: 14 out of 23

Accuracy: 60.86%

6 – Eden Hazard, Chelsea

Shots on target: 26 out of 42

Accuracy: 61.9%

5 – Shaun Maloney, Wigan Athletic

Shots on Target: 24 out of 38

Accuracy: 63.16%

4 – Shinji Kagawa, Manchester United

Shots on target: 9 out 14

Accuracy: 64.29%

3 – Javier Hernandez, Manchester United

Shots on target: 20 out of 31

Accuracy: 64.52%

2 – Steven Fletcher, Sunderland

Shots on target: 28 out of 43

Accuracy: 65.12%

1 – Wayne Routledge, Swansea City

Shots on target: 14 out of 16

Accuracy: 87.5%

See the talkSPORT gallery with the results here.

Are you surprised by the results? What significance do you feel the statistics hold? Leave a comment below to let us know...

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