Video: Ribery furious after title celebration beer-drenching

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Frank Ribery is a man with principles. A man of moral fibre. Someone you can bet your life on to do the right thing.

You won't catch him out drinking until the wee hours for example, or having "sex with an underage prostitute he hired as a birthday present". No sir indeed, Franck Ribery is certainly not the man to stand accused of something like that.

So it is understandable when something fairly major when compared to, oh I don't know, being accused of having sex with a minor like being doused with beer happens, he is rightly upset.

Ribery's Muslim beliefs forbid him from coming into contact with alcohol, something team-mate Jerome Boateng didn't exactly show much sympathy towards as he led the chase of Ribery around the pitch as they celebrated their title win following their 3-0 victory over Augsberg.

Like a startled chicken being pursued around a muddy yard by a lumbering Sylvester Stallone as he prepares to confront Apollo Creed for the second time (in your face Carl Weathers!) Ribery tries to escape but is eventually caught and drenched.

"I won't talk to Boateng again, he knows that I'm Muslim. I'm p***** off,' the Daily Mail quote Ribery as saying after the game. 

That's right Franck, how dare he compromise your beliefs when you've been nothing but faithful to them.

Note: We're just joking Franck, we love you really. Good luck with the trial.

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