Premier League Predictions: How the final table will end up

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The end of another Premier League season is almost upon us, and while the final day of the 2012/13 season won't be able to live up to drama of last year there is still plenty up for grabs.

Last week saw a host of teams move away from the danger of relegation to leave three teams scrapping for their lives; Wigan, Aston Villa and Sunderland.

The Latcis must follow up their FA Cup final victory over Manchester City with a win against Arsenal tonight if they want to set up a last-day showdown against Aston Villa.

Sunderland meanwhile face a Tottenham side on Sunday hoping the Gunners slip up tonight to hand them the initiative in the race against their rivals for the last Champions League qualification spot.

With so much up for grabs at both ends of the table and both battles intertwined thanks to the fixture list - how will a hopefully gripping last day play out?

We decided to put our writers' unequalled powers of prediction to the test to let you lucky readers know how the final Premier League table is going to end up looking.

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