Iceland midfielder does somersault throw-in

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Showboating is a common occurrence on the football pitch, but it is usually confined to tricky wingers or skilful forwards taking on defenders – not when taking throw-ins.

Stoke City took the use of long throws to another level when they came to the Premier League, but Rory Delap used the conventional technique of, well, staying on his feet.

Iceland international Steinthor Thorsteinsson has developed a new way of throwing the ball into the area – he uses the power of the somersault.

That’s right, the Sandnes Ulf midfielder does a front flip when taking long throws and the funniest thing about it? It actually works.

The 27-year-old is quite an athlete and gets quite a bit of distance with his unusual style, though GMF imagine accuracy could be a problem.

You can watch the latest example below, although Thorsteinsson’s efforts sadly only result in the keeper making a good catch.

Thanks to 101 Great Goals for finding it – enjoy…

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