David Beckham retires from football as one of the most successful English players of the past 20 years - but if this video is anything to go by, he could prolong his pro career in the American version of the sport.

Who could forget this classic clip. Alongside Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star kicks field goals on a training pitch.

And what do you know, he's pretty darn good at it. 

After lacing the oval ball through the posts on his first attempt, he steps back to the NFL field goal record mark.

Set by New Orleans Saints kicker Tom Dempsey in 1970, the 63-yard record has remained unbroken for over 40 years. Three other kickers have matched it, but no-one's bettered it.

That's until Beckham had a go. Into the wind, his first effort falls short. But he turns it around, and has another try.

NFL star Reggie Bush looks on as Beckham blasts it over the crossbar - 'give him the record' says the Lions running back. So, could he do it?

England captain, Manchester United star, Champions League winner, NFL kicker? Wouldn't put it past him...

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