Neymar laughs at Santos teammate for terrible miss

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Neymar may be the star of the show at Santos but it is unlikely his teammates take kindly to being laughed at by him.

This is what the 21-year-old was caught doing after his teammate Ezequiel Miralles completely fluffed a simple chance.

There is no denying that watching a player miss a really easy chance is hilarious, but GMF isn’t sure if his teammates should be finding it amusing.

It is only a brief glance (on nine seocnds), but there is no denying that Neymar is having a little giggle at Miralles’ expense.

To be fair to Neymar, GMF aren't sure if we would be able to keep a striaght face after seeing such an awful miss close up - special thanks to 101GreatGoals for bringing this to our attention.

Watch Neymar laugh at his teammate Ezequiel Miralles for a terrible miss below…


Perhaps Neymar shouldn’t be too hasty when laughing at an awful miss – it can happen to the best of them…



….more than once…


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