EA Sports offered a first look at FIFA 14 last week as part of their new ‘ignite’ engine showcase.

Cover star Lionel Messi is understandably the main attraction, with the Barcelona playmaker finding Andres Iniesta with a chipped pass, before arriving at the far post to head home a cross past Chelsea loanee Thiabut Courtois.

The action between Barca and Atletico Madrid isn’t the only thing to get fans of the game excited however, with the graphics and detail of the Nou Camp particularly impressive in the opening sequence of the trailer.

Messi’s body movement appears ultra-realistic and seems to be much improved even from last year’s effort – the award-winning FIFA 13.

And, a quick browse through other videos on the EA Sports YouTube page shows that the biggest franchise in the world of sports gaming have seriously upped their game ahead of two massive releases from Sony and Microsoft.

The ‘ignite’ engine appears to be a real piece of progression, and the highly anticipated Playstation 4 and Xbox One could mean big things for the world of football in the gaming world.

Watch the video below & let us know how you think it looks…

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