Top 5: Europe's most expensive teams

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As you may have noticed, there isn't much football going on at the moment.

The domestic season is over, and aside from a smattering of Confederation Cup games here, and a U21 European Championship there, there isn't much to keep you occupied until August.

That is of course aside from the ol' transfer window. Like plugging yourself into the Matrix, rumours of stories and non-existent moves will keep you occupied for a few months until the real action starts.

The main question on everyone's lips during the summer window, aside from who is going where is; how much will they cost?

Getting an accurate valuation on a player that fits their ability or potential can be very tricky indeed - just look what happened to Liverpool in 2011.

Well someone, or some people, have been brave enough to put a value on the top 60 most valuable players in the world right now.

The Football Observatory released their list - which is covered here - but also released data about which teams have the most expensive players in it. 

That's what we'll be looking at - who has the most players on the list and more importantly whose players cost the most - thus earning them the title 'the most expensive team in Europe'.

So click through and find out which team in Europe can rightly say theirs is the most valuable on the continent.

Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League
Manchester United
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