Goalkeeper plays 90 minute football match despite being shot

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A goalkeeper played in a full 90 minute football game in Bosnia - despite the fact he'd been shot in the head.

Dusko Krtalica, 51, was playing in a tournament in the Sarajevo suburb of Boljakov Potok and mid-way through the game noticed a pain in his head.

Believing he had collided with the goalpost while attempting to make a save, Krtalica played on before complaining of a stiff arm and having difficulty whilst trying to speak.

While he was later rushed to hospital because of his injuries, tournament organiser Vahidin Alihodizc confirmed that he was attended to on the pitch but the physio didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

"Our physiotherapist rushed to him from the bench," he said. "The man was bleeding from the head so the physio dressed his wound, but did not notice anything unusual. 

"Even so, he advised the goalie to leave the pitch and go see a doctor, but the keeper and his teammates insisted that he should be allowed to return into the game and that he is feeling well."

X-rays taken upon his arrival at hospital show a 9mm bullet lodged in his skull. Saraejevo newspaper Dnenvi Avas report that the goalkeeper has had surgery to remove the bullet and is now in a stable condition. 

The story took an even more bizarre twist when it was confirmed the bullet had been fired from a gun by a man celebrating a nearby wedding.

"We later found out that he has been operated on that night, that a bullet was recovered from his head, that his life is not in danger, that he is feeling well," said Alihodizc. 

"And had already been released from the intense care unit. We also found out that the police have found the man from the wedding who had fired the shots, as well as the weapon he used and spent cartridges." 

According to Dnenvi Avas, a 42-year-old man has been arrested over the incident.

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