Premier League stars take on 'beat the bin' challenge

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You know how it is when you have a host of Premier League stars trying to kick a ball into a bin? You don't? Well in that case you are in the right place.

Yep the latest in BT Sport's brilliant promotional videos have been released, and this time they have a host of the best players from the Premier League trying to land a ball in a household bin from about 10 metres away in the 'Beat the Bin' challenge.

The likes of Rio Ferdinand, Robin van Persie, Daniel Sturridge and Marouane Fellaini all take part and use different techniques - each less effective than the last.

The ultimate insult comes as Joe Hart shows all the outfield players how it is done by landing it in the bin at the first attempt.

Check out the video below!

Premier League
Rio Ferdinand
Daniel Sturridge
Joe Hart
Robin Van Persie
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