Manchester United star reveals pre-season work-out routine

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The Manchester United first-team squad are yet to report back for pre-season training but Rio Ferdinand is already hard at work in the gym.

The United centre-back calls this month “pre-pre-season” and he’s putting the hours in to make sure his side have the best chance of defending their Premier League title next season.

And Ferdinand has given fans an insight into the kind of work-out routines he uses to make sure he’s in peak physical condition for the start of the new season.

His latest video sees the defender race through four sets of press-ups – with narrowed hand placement to maximise the deep burn – chin-ups, biceps curls before rounding it off with a road run.

Pretty heavy stuff for someone who’s supposed to be on holiday, but it’s all preparation for what’s sure to be a gruelling first season under new United boss David Moyes.

Earlier this summer Ferdinand posted an example of one of his work-out plans on his official Facebook page. In case you missed it, here it is again in full: 


Touchline to centre circle line + back to touchline X5 (half to three quarter pace) 10sec recovery between each run. 

3 Sets - 1min 30secs between sets

Quick upper body tick over routine:

6 X 50 push ups

6 X 10 Dips

6 X 8 Pull ups

Shower then on with the day!

If you are going up against the likes of Sergio Aguero, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale on a weekly basis, not to mention Robin Van Persie every day at training, you need to be at the top of your game. And this is how you do it!

Check out the latest Ferdinand work-out in the video above – can you match the Manchester United man?


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